Here at Bowen Eye Care, we are pleased to offer many types of contact lenses. We are also dedicated to ensuring they fit correctly. When choosing contacts, we will go over your options to decide the best type of lenses for your eyes, especially if you have any conditions that don’t make you a good candidate for regular contact lenses. If standard contact lenses are no longer providing good comfort and vision, you may be a candidate for a specialty contact lens.

Although not a new technology, rigid gas permeable contact lenses (aka RGP’s) may be a better option for your visual needs. These provide crisp vision especially in cases where the cornea is irregular or if you have high astigmatism.

The scleral contact lens is a new type of contact useful for patients who have irregular corneas. The irregularity may be caused by previous refractive surgery or an eye disease such as keratoconus. Scleral contact lenses are also beneficial for patients with astigmatism and dry eye disease.

We now offer special contacts to help prevent the progression of myopia in children. These lenses include the new MiSight lens and the Naturalvue lens. If you are interested to see if you are a candidate, don’t hesitate to schedule an eye exam appointment today at (972) 539-3900.