Why buy your glasses from Bowen Eye Care? Well, our friendly staff and experienced Opticians really know how to take today’s high tech lens designs and adapt them to your particular needs. We have also negotiated some amazing deals with our suppliers, both domestic and international so that we can provide you with the exact same top level lenses and frames that we’ve always offered but now at a more affordable price. WE ARE SUPER EXCITED ABOUT OUR UPDATED FRAME BOARD OPTIONS AS WELL! As always, our recommendations are guided by your needs, not ours. There are no commissions paid to our staff; This is to ensure that there are no incentives for them to recommend frills and extras just for the sake of driving up the price! Your top priority, whether it is affordability, quality or making a statement, is our top priority too.

We also have a no-hassle satisfaction guaranteed policy. If there is a problem with your glasses or contacts, simply tell us! We promise we will do what we can to make things right. Return your glasses within 90 days of purchase and we will either remake them to your new specifications, or if you prefer, return them for a full refund. We do not want you to have glasses that you don’t like! We are not satisfied until you are!

Top quality, precision crafted frames and high tech lenses, with an amazing satisfaction guarantee. All of that at an affordable price that we are excited to quote to you. Before you take your prescription down the street, let us show you how much it’ll cost with us. You can even bring in another doctor’s prescription and we’d be happy to get you in the glasses you’ve been looking for.

Bowen Eye Care